Fun Easter Activities to Enjoy with Your Grandchildren

Our twenty-hour hour in-home care services, here at A-1 Home Care, makes it possible for our seniors to spend some quality time with their loved ones on the holidays, including Easter. With our assistance, our caregivers are able to contribute to their routine duties such as kitchen duty from baking, cooking, and cleaning to monitoring medication so our seniors will never forget what time to take their next doze. The holidays can be stress free and you can do so by giving our Downey office  310-657-8780 or our headquarters in Santa Fe Springs 562-929-8400 a call to speak with one of our representatives.

So, sit back and relax because with our caretakers on-call, you can finally spend some one on one time with the grandchildren, working on different activities such as:

  • Painting, stuffing, and hiding eggs for the Easter Egg hunt.
  • “Time Machine” — a game where each individual writes down a note to themselves, advice that they will return to the following year. So, be sure to keep this note safe and secured in a plastic egg.
  • “Ray of Light” — break off a piece of a glow stick and place each of the parts into a plastic egg for a night game of the Easter Egg Hunt.
  • Pin the Cottontail on the Bunny — just like pin the tail on the donkey.
  • Balancing Egg — if you are up to it, enjoy a relay race of balancing an egg on a spoon with a partner, just as long as both of you do not drop the egg.

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The Importance of Community Service

photo (50)That cashier at the grocery store who always say “have a nice day!” when you leave, the mailman who delivers, or your friendly pharmacist. For many of us, we treat our community as part of our own family. That is why we here at A-1 Home Care value the importance of community service.  That is why our Case Manager Jackie Brown will be meeting with Jose Herrera from social services at the Downey Care Center, discussing and scheduling future fun events for our seniors.  From arts and craft projects to holiday events to educational presentations, staff and management here at A-1 Home Care are happy to volunteer our time time to brighten the lives of others.

Keep updated for future events by following us on Twitter or Facebook, or call us at 562-929-8400.

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